How do I become a client?
To enroll in our daycare/boarding program, please fill out our Contact Form.  Once we receive your information, we will also instruct you to fill out the appropriate forms underneath the Boarding and Daycare Forms, as well as provide the vaccine requirements (Rabies, DHLPP, Bordatella). We require enough time to review your dog’s profile which will allow the staff to become familiar with your dog.  Not all dogs enjoy a group setting, and that is Ok!  Daily reports and pictures will be provided, along with a complete report of observations and recommendations which will be sent home with every dog that attends our program. 

Is an in-person meet and greet required prior to any dog day care or overnight stay required?

I'm boarding my dog.  Can I call to check on my dog?
Absolutely!  Feel free to call anytime at 904-588-2051.  You will receive daily pictures and updates to see how much fun your fur kid is having.  For your piece of mind, there are cameras placed outside the front door and inside the main living area for remote check-in by staff and recording for piece of mind.

What happens if my dog becomes ill or injured while at daycare or during an overnight stay?
If we suspect your dog is ill, we will contact you and or your emergency contacts that were provided on your application. If a dog is injured, we will tend to the injury as quickly as possible. If we deem necessary, your dog will be taken immediately to a veterinarian.  For 24x7 emergencies, Vet-I-care Animal Hospital aka Mandarin Pet Emergency - -  is only a couple of blocks away.  We will always try to accommodate your requested veterinarian, however, depending on the circumstances, we will always err on doing what is right for your dog's health and go to the best care facility as dictated by the situation.  This is one of the many benefits of working with a company who has insurance, which may cover some or all of these costs.

What are some of the things that I should bring for boarding/daycare?
Please see the Items to Bring for Boarding/Daycare document for a list of items that are applicable to your pet.  If you forget to bring something other than specific medicine, we have just about everything available to provide for your pet to cover any gaps.

What hours are your operation for daycare and/or boarding?
Hours of operation are similar to other mainstream operations.  These are somewhat negotiable based on weekdays vs. weeknights and circumstances.  Latest pickup times are approximately 7:30pm.  Please call 904-588-2051 should you have any questions or require additional information.



If I am interested in dog training lessons, does that mean I'm locked in a contract or a package?
Not at all!  One of the things we pride ourselves in is our white-glove, custom lesson plans for each of our clients, which means we keep each lesson fluid based on the pace of the progression of our clients.  In general, a new topic is introduced on a weekly, one-hour basis.  However, we always strive to set up clients for success, so if you need extra time between lessons to practice a lesson, just let us know.  Alternatively, if a dog is picking up topics quicker than expected, lessons can be accelerated.  Every lesson is geared on the success on the progression of our two and four-legged clients.  As an added bonus, you will notice that we transparently advertise our hourly prices and discounts.

What is typically included with scheduling private dog training lessons?
Some of the many benefits include a free, initial interview to gather more information to understand and customize a plan in order to cover the areas of dog training you would like to cover.  Private lessons are in the convenience of your home to get the most accurate assessment and treatment plan in your own environment.  Lessons are approximately one-hour in length.  Since private lessons are customized based on your training your needs, documentation that includes the behavior, why a behavior happens, homework exercises, and troubleshooting guide are included as part of the training at no extra charge.  In addition, demonstrations and questions and answers will also be provided as part of the lesson.

What is your dog training philosophy?
Any formally trained, certified trainer believes in positive reinforcement as the primary form of training, which means that training a dog takes time, patience, and 100% consistency.  The benefits from positive reinforcement leads to behaviors that will likely reoccur and a life-long bond and trust between a dog and its owner.  Any trainer who tells you that they can "fix" a behavior in one-hour should raise a red flag, and thus should be vetted by asking for proof of their credentials, asked if they use punishment as their form of training, and demand reliable referrals from their previous clients.  Any dog trainer or dog training company should also provide proof of insurance.

What are some of the things that I should bring to dog training class?
Please take a look at the Items to Bring to Class document for more information.

What are the benefits of choosing a private dog training lesson vs. a group lesson?

  • No Unnecessary distractions.

  • No Chance of contracting viruses from unvaccinated dogs.

  • Solve Behavior problems in the dogs own home where they originate or exist.

  • Free phone consultation.

  • Training done in your own home.

  • No Chance of your dog being intimidated by another dog if stress is a key factor.

  • You decide which of the selective commands that we teach you.

  • Family participation is always an important part of this type of training.



What does animal massage entail?
There are many benefits and types of massage.  Each massage can be customized for your animal's needs.  Each massage is typically one hour in length.  To learn more, please visit the Massage Benefits or Different Massage Types pages.

If I'm leasing a horse, can I schedule an equine massage directly with Creature Comfort Pet Services (CCPS)
The owner of the horse is the only person who can authorize an equine massage.

My horse's gait is a little stiff.  Should I call a veterinarian or a masseuse?
For any health concern of a horse, always call your veterinarian first.  If you are already working with CCPS on an existing massage plan, please feel free to contact us about any questions.

In general, how often should I schedule a massage?
For maintenance massages, based on average workload, weekly 1-hour massages are typical.  However, every massage will be evaluated, documented, communicated to the owner, and next steps agreed upon and then scheduled depending on the situation and needs. 



What forms of payment do you accept?
Although cash or check is preferred, we accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, JCB, and American Express credit cards.

Do you offer refunds?
It depends on the situation.  Please click here for more information.

For more information, please email: or call 904-588-2051.